South African in Macau

As I am settling in to my new home I am learning about the types of products and produce that is available in Macau to cook with.  The supermarkets here aren’t anything like the ones in South Africa but if you know where to look you can really find most of what you need to make a great meal.

My husband and I love pizza, so because the apartment we moved into didn’t come with an oven he was sweet enough to buy me a counter top one and I can use it to make pizza, lasagna, roast chicken and an assortment of cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  I brought my Kenwood Chef with me form South Africa and can make the dough for my pizza so easily with the dough hook attachment.

Before moving into our apartment my husband stayed in a hotel for almost 5 months while doing his training for the airline and the food options were very limited.  Dinner was either a Shawarma, Thai food or McDonalds.  Breakfast was quick cook oats every morning and a sandwich at a bakery in the afternoon.  I made myself a peanut butter smoothie every afternoon that I was in living in the hotel – I visited him in after I was done with my notice month at my studio and went back to South Africa to pack up the house.  By the time we moved into our apartment in Macau we were dreaming about all the delicious food we were going to cook for that first week in our new place.  Evening one was hubby’s choice – a beef steak with mashed potato, evening two was my choice – beef lasagna in the new oven.  And my oh my did that oven perform well!  It was exactly like eating my lasagna back in South Africa, and we were delighted.  Evening three was pizza – a delicious Regina pizza with my homemade base (recipe will follow).  Evening four was Tempura battered hake with tempura prawns fried in a bit of oil in a pan.


We could find all the ingredients needed for the first week and the usual staples like spices, pasta, cleaning supplies etc. at the one store in Taipa – Grand Mart.  In Macau you basically go grocery shopping every four days to every week because if you don’t have a car you have to carry your groceries everywhere before you can get on the bus or hop into the taxi.  An affordable place to buy meat is at CCK in Taipa.  For the look and feel of a grocery store in South Africa you go to Park’N Shop – there is a big one in Taipa and smaller ones in Coloane and Cotai south.  You also get the Royal supermarket, San Miu Supermarket and Supreme food market.  I mostly go to the Park’N Shop close to where we live – it’s a five minute walk form the apartment.  Food prices are higher here than in South Africa.  And I do miss our South African meat selection a lot – nothing comes close to our Karoo lamb and fillet steaks.  You do get Australian beef which is nice.


Here is the recipe for my homemade pizza dough – I use my Kenwood Chef with the dough hook attachment to knead the dough into a firm ball.

Homemade pizza dough base

2 C    Lukewarm water

14g   Fast action yeast (7g per pack)

2 t     Salt

6 C    All purpose flour


1. Combine the yeast and warm water in a large bowl and let it sit for 1 minute (I use the Kenwood mixing bowl).

2. Add flour and salt and combine well.  I add the flour and salt and start the Kenwood on slow and build the speed up gradually until it reaches a medium to fast pace.  I let the machine work the dough for approximately 5 minutes or util an elastic ball has formed.

3. If you’re not using a machine knead the dough until it is elastic.

4. Let the dough rest in the bowl in a warm draft free location for 25 minutes.

5. After 25 minutes, divide the dough into two equal parts.  One part makes one large thick crust pizza.  If you only need one large pizza, put the one part aside in the fridge or freezer (preferably in a container) to use on another day.

6. Flour the counter top and form the dough into your desired shape.  I use a floured pastry cloth to work my dough on – it is a great tool to have and I use it when making all my pastries and cookies.

7. Transfer the base onto a lined baking tray or a lined pizza tin.


Pizza base sauce

5 T      Tomato puree

15T     Tomato sauce

half T  Oregano

1 t       Garlic

half t   Paprika


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

You can also use store bought pasta sauce – it works really well, and there are lots of herbs to choose from.


Toppings and making the pizza

I make a Regina pizza which has ham, mozzarella and mushrooms on it.

250g   Sandwich Ham (or any cold meat of your choice)

125g   Button mushrooms

1 Ball  Mozzarella – grated

Pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius.


1. Finely chop the mushrooms and ham.

2. Spread a generous amount of the tomato pizza base onto the base that you formed earlier.

3. Scatter the ham and mushrooms evenly onto the base and add the grated mozzarella cheese on top of it all, taking care to evenly distribute it.  Sprinkle oregano, pepper and salt on top.

4. Bake the pizza in the oven for 18-20 minutes or until the base is cooked through.  Keep an eye on it that it doesn’t burn.

5. Take the pizza out of the oven and slice into 8 slices.




C Cup (250ml)

T Tablespoon (15ml)

t Teaspoon (5ml)


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