South African in Macau


December was jam-packed with activities.  My family came to visit us for Christmas time and we ended up doing a day in Hong Kong on the 20th of December.  I went into full blown planning mode when my aunt said they would like to see Hong Kong because I’ve only ever been at the airport.  Pinterest is filled with amazing photos of the places I wanted to visit and I was keen to start planning our adventure.
We decided to go to three places for the day.  Victoria Peak, Ngong Ping village and Temple street night market.
First up was Victoria Peak – we wanted to go on the Victoria peak tram up to the peak.  We came into Hong Kong via theCotai Water Jet ferry that docks at the Macau ferry terminal, Hong Kong (It is also the Sheung Wan MTR station).  You will need an Octopus card to ride on the subway in Hong Kong.  If you go to the MTR Customer Service Centre in the station you can buy an Octopus card for 150HKD.  If you have an Octopus card with enough credit on it you can pay with it at all of the major tourist attractions around the city.  We used our Octopus cards to pay for our Victoria peak tram tickets.  To get there we walked from the Ferry terminal to Central station and then to Hong Kong station, passed a beautiful church and up the road to where you see the Peak Tram sign (it is fairly close so you’ll see it as you walk up the road.  For return tickets to go up to Victoria peak with the Peak tram as well as the Sky terrace 428 is 90HKD.  I would really recommend visiting the Sky terrace 428 as this is where you can view the iconic sights of Hong Kong, and snap some amazing pictures.  There are a couple of really nice restaurants at the peak as well as the Madame Tussauds wax museum.

 Next up on the itinerary was Ngong Ping Village.  We walked back to the Hong Kong MTR station and took the Tung Chong (Orange) line to Tung Chung MTR station.  From there you take exit B.  The exit comes out to a big mall and we stopped here to get a bite to eat and some Starbucks of course.  Then we walked to the Ngong Ping 360 Cable car station.  We took the option to ride in the crystal cabin up and standard cabin down for 265HKD return.  The crystal cabin was so much fun and we had a beautifully clear and sunny day so we could enjoy the spectacular views.  At Ngong Ping village there is a lot to do.  We took a bunch of pictures and walked around in the shops before going to look at the big Buddha statue and the temple.  We bought some nice chopsticks at the Chopstick Gallery which had a huge variety of fun and interesting chopsticks.  Check out my timelapse video of the trip down the mountain here.

Our plan for the evening was to go to the Temple street night market so we hopped back on the MTR Tung Chung line.  We switched lines at the Lai King station to the red line and headed to the Jordan station where we took exit A.  As you get onto street level you will find signs pointing to Temple street and you just keep following the signs down the street (turn right at the exit and keep walking straight until you see Temple street on your right). The market was quite big and had some nice things as well as some really cheap ones (so a good balance I think).  There was one or two restaurants but we decided to head back to the ferry terminal for dinner.

 I added one more pitstop for the evening.  I heard that there is a big Christmas tree in Statue square so we headed there before going to the ferry terminal.  To get there we got back on the red line to Central station (from Jordan station), and took exit J1 to Statue square.  Here we saw the beautiful Christmas tree (picture at the top of the post).  From there we could walk back to Central station and take the blue line towards Kennedy town to get off at Sheung Wan station and take the escalators back up to the ferry terminal where we got some delicious sushi for a late dinner.  We on the other hand walked all the way back to the ferry terminal (not knowing about the Sheung Wan station at the time) and got to see the city from the water.

Quick tip:
We ended up catching a very late (00:30) ferry back to Macau because we didn’t buy tickets back for the evening when we bought our tickets for the morning, and ferries were fully booked because it was a public holiday in Macau so everyone wanted to get back in the evening.  Make sure to buy return tickets in the morning and aim for the 22:00 ferry if you have a full day and want to eat dinner at the ferry terminal or in Hong Kong.

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